About us Vauveru

Vauveru is limited liability Company having essentially twin purpose. It is a non-financial organizational entity.

In the first place, it provides organizational support facilitating Clearstream Luxembourg, DTC of US and other security companies the process of settlement as custodian and third party functions in the Triparty collateral security management and finally a proxy voter and agent for dividend settlement with companies where the earnings of securities reinvested.

In the second place, as an institutional investor with fund flowing from settlement of Global Debt bonds and their derivatives it invests the earnings for infrastructure-management. Further avenues of investment will be explored in collaboration with the partners in US and European countries in due course.

It can associate with energy management as a supportive of productive activities infrastructure is the ground work or as the platform supportive of any activities which contribute to the general well-being of the countries and their people and again which will be well within the scope of legal framework.

It’s area of operation as determined by the range of security settlement, with be USA and Britain and European countries.

It can invest money from it’s own source and money from banks and other partner agencies for the management of infrastructure in European countries.


There are institutions government and transnational agencies who are willing to support our initiative for the management of infrastructure. The agencies include the state governments of USA, procurement division off United Nations, commercial government of Newyork, Exim bank USA and European bank of reconstruction. The list will further go as the area off operation of vauveru will extend.

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